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SailGP's F50 catamaran

Crowned World Sailing’s 2019 Boat of the Year and the first boat to hit 50 knots during racing, SailGP's F50 wingsailed catamaran marks a huge step forward in the evolution of the sport.

The F50 catamaran is a revolutionary concept in sail racing that is the culmination of 10 years of development in high-performance, foiling, multihull racing. It was created as a one-design class to provide each of SailGP’s eight national teams with equal cutting-edge technology, leaving the race results directly in the hands of the world-class athletes.

All data recorded from the boats is transmitted to the team coaches via the Oracle Cloud, allowing them to analyze performance and communicate with their crews at pre-determined times during a race.

These communications are broadcast to spectators and the data is also used to create a unique second-screen experience via the SailGP App where fans can select up to two teams to follow and receive key performance insights from their boats.


  • Revolutionary modular wingsail system allowing them to range from 18-24 meters
    • New wingsail tech enables boats to compete in wider range of weather
    • Vital weight savings provides additional performance gains
  • Foils constructed with higher modulus carbon fiber
  • Geometry modified to promote more righting moment, increase boat speed prior to cavitation
  • Lower section of rudders manufactured in high-strength stainless steel to reduce drag