Canada driver Phil Robertson has revealed behind-the-scenes insight into how Canada ‘scooped’ former U.S. wing trimmer Paul Campbell-James and coach Philippe Presti following the sale of the U.S. team.

Speaking at a pre-event press conference in Dubai, Robertson said the ‘USA dropped the world’s best coach and one of the world’s best wing trimmers’ and ‘the opportunity was there to scoop them up’.

Season 4 // Canada driver Phil Robertson at Dubai press conference

Paul Campbell-James replaces outgoing wing trimmer Chris Draper, who has been part of Canada’s original line-up since the team entered the league in Season 3. In Dubai, Campbell-James will race with Canada for the first time - but he and Robertson have ‘sailed a lot together in the past’, Robertson revealed.

He added: “I have a great relationship with him and I’m looking forward to the week ahead.”

When pressed, Robertson gave more insight into the USA crew changes. “My understanding is that the USA team changed ownership and everyone lost their contracts,” he said.

Season 4 // Canada wing trimmer Paul Campbell-James at Dubai tech site

“I’m not sure who was re-offered a contract, but it didn’t seem like a lot, so there was the opportunity to get some very good sailors.”

The Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix presented by P&O Marinas will take place on December 9 & 10.

Dubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Advert - GifDubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Advert - GifDubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Advert - Gif