Teams are set to be challenged like never before this weekend, after the Port of Los Angeles was described as the ‘tightest racecourse on the SailGP calendar’.

Enclosed by the shoreline and breakwater, the racecourse is set to combine tight racing with a wind forecast of 30-40 km/h.

Season 4 // Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix // ROCKWOOL DEN and Switzerland in practice

Throw in the expanded 10-strong F50 fleet approaching the starting line and the Port of Los Angeles could host some of SailGP’s most exciting racing yet.

Season 4 // Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix // Australia splash down in practice

Speaking ahead of racing, Swiss flight controller Jason Saunders said the consistent sea breeze and flat water makes the racetrack a ‘flight controller’s dream’, but predicted teams would need to be making ‘maneuvers every 20 seconds or so’.

This will put additional pressure on the perfect execution of tacks and jibes, as well as making no boat handling errors.

Australia driver Tom Slingsby said the racecourse was reminiscent of Dubai and would mean overtaking opportunities were at a minimum.

“If you have a bad start it’s hard to find overtaking lanes because there’s just not that much room,” he said, adding that ‘starts will be crucial’.

Season 4 // Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix // Tom Slingsby at press conference

Emirates GBR driver Ben Ainslie meanwhile said LA’s spectators will see ‘the optimum performance of the boats’.

“You’ll expect to see lots of unexpected maneuver here which will be the biggest challenge - it’s a very dynamic racecourse.”