SailGP Workout

New specialist workout brings the challenge of high-performance sailing to fitness fans

Fitness fans looking for a new challenge can now try the SailGP Workout, giving them a unique insight into the extreme physical challenge of the world’s fastest sail racing. The workout demonstrates the immense levels of endurance SailGP’s world-class athletes need during a competition, by recreating the moves that they undertake during a high-pressure 16-minute race.

With input from each of the teams' fitness trainers, this high-intensity interval training routine is a combination of strength, conditioning, agility and endurance training. The workout includes four minutes of strength endurance, followed by a six-minute heart rate-focused conditioning block, designed to get the heart rate elevated to 85 - 95 percent of your maximum, replicating the levels achieved by the athletes during the races.

The intensive workout ends with 8 minutes of metabolic conditioning training – a mixture of strength, conditioning and agility exercises to mirror the athletes’ metabolic endurance required during grinding bursts and crossing the boat while travelling at high speeds.

The full 20-minute workout can burn over 300 calories. Over the course of a race day, athletes can burn between 1,200 - 2,200 calories during the three races - with the grinders achieving the maximum level.

Try the SailGP Workout and see if you have what it takes.

SailGP Workout // Preview

SailGP Workout
Time: 20 minutes
Format: 3 blocks with 1-minute transitions