Forging the Future

INSPIRE is SailGP’s community, education and outreach initiative, powered by our belief that sailing can be a force for good.

Our goal: to leave a positive legacy and build a sustainable sport – by providing equal, life-changing opportunities and new career pathways for all, regardless of race or all socioeconomic background.

Launching in Cowes in August 2019, and taking place at every subsequent SailGP event around the world, INSPIRE comprises three innovative modules.

These allow young people (aged c. 9-21) to:

  • Experience sailing for the first time
  • Learn and be nurtured through engaging and innovative STEAM-based modules
  • Develop career pathways into the sport through internships and coaching
  • Gain valuable life-skills as well as knowledge about health, nutrition and the environment.

Racing is what we do, but education and inspiring the next generation is at the heart of who we are.

A pleasure hosting the US Sailing Team Olympic Development Program and Oakcliff Sailing for an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at SailGP! Proud to partner with US Sailing as we help to create a pathway for future American sailors!

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