The F50 is the cutting-edge one-design catamaran used by all SailGP teams, leaving performances and results directly in the hands of our world-class athletes.

A culmination of 10 years of development in high-performance, foiling, multi-hull racing, the F50 was the first boat to hit 92.6 km/h (50 knots/57.5 mph) during racing and has a predicted top speed of over 100 km/h (54 knots/62 mph).

Despite being based on the AC50 that raced in the 2017 America's Cup, the F50 shares few similarities with its predecessor.

Yes, it still foils using rudders with elevators and two daggerboards, but nearly the entire design was reworked to create faster, flatter and more stable flight.

The foils are constructed with higher modulus carbon fiber, producing a thinner section which has less resistance at high speeds. The geometry of the boards has been extended outside the maximum beam of the boat which provides more righting moment and a smoother transition between the vertical and horizontal sections of the foil.

These improvements all work towards the boat moving significantly faster, as the onset of cavitation - the reduction of water pressure caused by the foils resulting in water boiling and creating air bubbles which increase drag and reduce lift - is delayed until much higher speeds.

Drag has been further reduced as the lower section of the rudders are manufactured with high-strength stainless steel, and there are different size rudders, foils and jibs that can be equipped depending on the wind speed to ensure the racing remains of the highest quality.


  • LIGHT AIR BOARD: Used in 4-14 knot wind range
  • HIGH SPEED BOARD: Used in 14-30 knot wind range


  • LIGHT AIR RUDDER: Used in 4-14 knot wind range
  • HIGH SPEED RUDDER: Used in 14-30 knot wind range


  • 29 METER WING: Used in 4-10 knot wind range
  • 24 METER WING: Used in 4-24 knot wind range
  • 18 METER WING: Used in 20-30 knot wind range


  • 24 METER WING - J1: Used in 4-12 knot wind range
  • 24 METER WING - J2: Used in 12-24 knot wind range
  • 18 METER WING - J1: Used in 20-24 knot wind range
  • 18 METER WING - J2: Used in 22-30 knot wind range


  • THREE CREW ONBOARD: Used in 4-6 knot wind range
  • FOUR CREW ONBOARD: Used in 4-8 knot wind range
  • FIVE CREW ONBOARD: Used in 4-30 knot wind range

As SailGP is a one-design class, all teams use the same equipment in every race.

The Tech Team Operations Manager will announce the final decision for equipment ahead of the start of racing, following a consultation process which includes the Regatta Director and one representative from each team.