SailGP Fan Team

Discover the Fan Owned Team

Ever dreamed of owning a stake in an elite sports team? Of running the team from anywhere in the world? Of choosing your team’s nickname, uniform, or even the team itself?

We’re making that dream a reality with the Fan-Owned Team: Powered by You, Built on NEAR.

It’s time to revolutionize the future of sport, putting the power in the hands of our fans.

Welcome to the future of sport

For the first time in its history, SailGP is opening the door to blockchain powered fan ownership.

We are the first global sports league to amend our rules of participation to allow for a community owned & managed team.

The new Fan-Owned Team will be owned and operated by a community built on NEAR, taking fan engagement & participation to the next level…

What being an owner means

Two types of membership tokens will be made available:

  1. Membership tokens will be purchased by accredited investors, granting an equity stake in the team governance over team decisions
  2. Fan Pass community tokens will be available to everyone, giving holders a vote in team decisions plus other special benefits

And that’s not all…

Fan-Owned Team token holders will be able to:

  • Put forward proposals
  • Vote on team operations
  • Be a part of the SailGP experience

Core Benefits

Want to learn more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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