Powered by Nature™, SailGP is adrenaline-fueled racing as rival teams go head-to-head in iconic venues across the globe for a winner-takes-all prize.

Expect sheer emotion, state-of-the-art technology and incredible drama as elite athletes fly cutting-edge wingsailed catamarans in thrilling close-to-shore races.

How Events Work

Understand the format of SailGP events, and learn how fleet races and match races work.

How Scoring Works

Learn how scoring works in SailGP both at events and across the Season Championship.

The F50

All you need to know about the cutting-edge flying boat used in SailGP.

The Racecourse

Understand the layout of the SailGP racecourse and learn how we create courses at our iconic host venues.


Learn how penalties work in SailGP to keep the racing fair and legal.

Nationality Rules

All you need to know about SailGP's nationality rules and how crews are put together.