This season's Great Britain Sail Grand Prix will go down in history, and not just for being an amazing event.

The racing was adrenaline-fueled and action-packed, and one incident stood above all others as the moment of the weekend - the Black Flag.

The Spain SailGP Team was shown the Black Flag - the first ever in SailGP - after attempting a risky starting maneuver which didn't pay off, and in fact saw them immediately disqualified from that race.

It was a huge incidient at the time and questions about the harsh punishment continue to be asked - but we finally have insight and answers about the decision.

In the latest episode of The Replay Room, for the first time ever we hear from all the players involved in one of the most infamous moments of Season 2 as they offer their views on what went down in this history-defining incident.

Watch the full episode below...