The performances of all three teams in the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix Final have been put under the microscope, with data showing that winners Australia foiled for 99.9% of the final race.

The second day of racing was breezier than the first, with 22 km/h of wind speed and gusts of 30 km/h - conditions that saw the F50s fitted with the 24m all-purpose wing.

As the starting gun sounded, Tom Slingsby’s Australia made the smoothest start positioned just 0.7m from the starting line, according to SailGP Insights. Canada meanwhile was 11.16m away when the line went white while Great Britain had the slowest start and was still 108m from the line when the race began.

All three teams made the most of the breezier conditions, with Australia foiling for 99.9% of the race, followed by Great Britain at 99.8% and Canada at 99.6%. Fly time puts less pressure on the manoeuvres and more pressure on top end speed. When it came to speeds, Great Britain had the fastest average speed of 58.8km/h followed by Australia with 58.3 km/h and Canada with 56.7 km/h.

Australia made 10 manoeuvres through the final race - six tacks and four gybes - which was two less than their competitors. Great Britain and Canada made 12 manoeuvres apiece, with Great Britain performing six tacks and six gybes and Canada performing five tacks and seven gybes.

When it came to top speeds, Australia was the fastest - racking up a recorded top speed of 73 km/h while Great Britain were close behind with 72 km/h. Canada’s top speed meanwhile was 69.75 km/h. However it was Canada that sailed the shortest distance, covering 11.33km while Australia covered 11.53km and Great Britain covered 11.68km.

When it came to the performances of the nine-strong F50 fleet in the five fleet races, Great Britain topped the table as the fastest boat - with an average speed of 53.07 km/h in front of Denmark with 52.65 km/h and Australia with 52.3km/h.

Switzerland and Australia sailed the shortest total distance of 56.1 km while Canada sailed the furthest (59.68km). Denmark had the highest average flight time, foiling for 99.08% of the time while New Zealand had the lowest, foiling for 90.29% of the time. New Zealand also had the lowest average speed of 47.5 km/h.

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