Today, Friday, April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day - an international day to recognise our responsibility to the environment and take action to preserve it.

Though established over 50 years ago, Earth Day feels more urgent and relevant than ever as we face a ‘now or never’ moment in our fight against the climate crisis.

Over 1 billion people each year get involved in Earth Day activities, and we at SailGP are no different.

SailGP is a climate-positive sport, which means we want to drive positive impact in the world. This is why we have set goals for our events, including to be 100 per cent powered by clean energy on-shore and on-water by 2025. We also measure our entire carbon footprint, removing more carbon than we create by investing in UN renewable energy projects, with a clear goal to reduce our emissions by 55 per cent.

On top of our day-to-day commitments to the planet, Earth Day gives everyone the opportunity to go one step further in the fight against climate change. And SailGP staff did their best to take action on Friday with a mixture of activities including eating vegan, litter picking and using sustainable modes of transport.

But how did you mark Earth Day 2022? Get in touch on our social channels and share the best pictures and videos of your Earth Day activities.