The first ever Singapore Sail Grand Prix is almost here, with the league’s nine hydro foiling F50 catamarans hitting the water next week.

The event will take place across January 14 & 15 with the fast and furious racing action taking place within meters of the beach.

Ahead of the event, the crew and substitution line-ups for each team have been revealed. Here’s who will be racing for each team next week.

Australia SailGP Team

Driver: Tom Slingsby
Wing Trimmer: Kyle Langford
Flight Controller: Jason Waterhouse
Grinder: Kinley Fowler
Grinder: Sam Newton
Reserve: Ed Powys
Strategist: Tash Bryant
Strategist: Lucy Copeland (reserve strategist for all teams)
Coach: Ben Durham

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Australia victory

Canada SailGP Team

Driver: Phil Robertson
Wing Trimmer: Chris Draper
Flight Controller: Billy Gooderham
Grinder: Tom Ramshaw
Grinder: Jareese Finch
Reserve Grinder: Tim Hornsby
Strategist: Isabella Bertold
Coach: Joe Glanfield

Dubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 3 | Canada | Racing

Denmark SailGP Team

Driver: Nicolai Sehested
Wing Trimmer: Tom Johnson
Flight Controller: Rasmus Køstner
Grinder: Julius Hallström
Grinder: Hans-Christian Rosendahl
Grinder: Martin Kirketerp
Strategist: Katja Salskov-Iversen
Coach: Chris Nicholson

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Denmark with Spain and the United States

France SailGP Team

Driver: Quentin Delapierre
Wing Trimmer: Kevin Peponnet
Flight Controller: Francois Morvan
Grinder: Matthieu Vandame
Grinder: Timothe Lapauw
Grinder: Olivier Herledant
Strategist: Manon Audinet
Coach: Thierry Douillard

Season 3 // Spain Sail Grand Prix // France takes lead in Final

Great Britain SailGP Team

Driver: Ben Ainslie
Wing Trimmer: Iain Jensen
Flight Controller: Luke Parkinson
Grinder: Matt Gotrel
Grinder: Nick Hutton
Strategist: Hannah Diamond
Strategist: Hannah Mills
Coach: Rob Wilson

Season 3 // Great Britain SailGP Team // Great Britain F50 sailing

New Zealand SailGP Team

Driver: Peter Burling
Wing Trimmer: Blair Tuke
Flight Controller: Andy Maloney
Grinder: Josh Junior
Grinder: Marcus Hansen
Grinder: Louis Sinclair
Strategist: Liv Mackay
Coach: Ray Davies

Dubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 3 | New Zealand | Practice

Spain SailGP Team

Driver: Jordi Xammar
Wing Trimmer: Florian Trittel
Flight Controller: Diego Botin
Grinder: Joan Cardona
Grinder: Jake Lilley
Grinder: Joel Rodríguez
Strategist: Nicole van der Velden
Coach: Juan de la Fuente

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Close up on Spain race day one

Switzerland SailGP Team

Driver: Sébastien Schneiter
Wing Trimmer: Stuart Bithell
Flight Controller: Jason Saunders
Grinder: Julien Rolaz
Grinder: Jérémy Bachelin
Grinder: Laurane Mettraux
Strategist: Nathan Outteridge
Coach: Jacopo Plazzi

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Switzerland against Dubai skyline

United States SailGP Team

Driver: Jimmy Spithill
Wing Trimmer: Paul Campbell-James
Flight Controller: Rome Kirby
Grinder: Peter Kinney
Grinder: Alex Sinclair
Grinder/ Tactician: Cooper Dressler
Strategist: CJ Perez

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Omeir Saeed and United States