Canada may have finished the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in seventh place, but Phil Robertson’s team consistently made the best starts of the fleet.

Data provided from the fleet’s nine-strong F50 fleet shows Canada took the shortest amount of time to cross the line after the gun, an average of 0.7 seconds, and was consistently positioned closest to the line - just 15.8 meters.

Canada also had the fastest starts of the fleet - an average speed of 73.6 km/h but proved unable to capitalize on its promising starts. By Mark 1, the team had already been overtaken by Quentin Delapierre’s France, but remained in good shape nonetheless, with the second highest Mark 1 position of 4.2.

But this position dropped an average of 2.5 places down to an average finishing position of 6.7.

M1 Average Positions

Season 3 // Australia Sail Grand Prix // Mark 1 Average Positions - Graph

Canada picked up a racing record of 5-7-7 across the day’s racing and finished the event in seventh overall.

Event winners France meanwhile proved most successful at transforming promising starts into dominating racing performances.

Season 3 // Australia Sail Grand Prix // Canada and France close cross

The team was positioned an average of 16.2 meters from the start line at the gun - the second closest in the fleet, and was the second fastest to cross the line - an average of 1.1 seconds behind Canada’s 0.7.

Time to Cross the Line (Seconds)

0.7s 1.1s 1.2s 2.1s 2.8s 3.0s 3.0s 4.8s 14.4s

By comparison, New Zealand was by far the slowest to cross the line - an average of 14.4 seconds and was also positioned the furthest from the line at the gun - an average of 145.4 meters behind Spain’s 81m.

France was able to increase its commanding Mark 1 positions by an average of 0.7 in each race, resulting in a hat-trick of race wins.

Season 3 // Australia Sail Grand Prix // Quentin runs across France F50

Home favorites Australia’s average Mark 1 position was exactly the same as its average finishing position - 4.3, while Denmark, New Zealand and the United States were all teams that managed to improve on its Mark 1 positions.

Finishing positions

1 3.0 4.3 5.0 5.2 5.3 6.7 6.7 7.8

Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team meanwhile lost an average position of 0.2 to pick up an average finishing position of 5, while Switzerland lost an average position of 1.7 to finish 6.7.

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