SailGP has once again teamed up with Little Sun to provide an off-grid boarding school in Tanzania with solar energy infrastructure as part of its local impact project in Dubai.

The project has identified a boarding school in Tanzania, which is home to 300-500 students, where it will install and maintain a 2-3kw solar system to power the main school buildings.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Little Sun Local Impact Project

The system will provide energy to light classrooms, offices and outdoor spaces, as well as powering solar-energy compliant equipment, such as copy machines, projectors and computers.

It is hoped that the installation of the system will increase study and preparation time for students and teachers, thereby increasing teaching quality and improving academic performance.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Local Impact Project Little Sun Solar Energy

The project will first undertake an energy audit before providing the solar systems for lighting and day to day energy needs. The project will continue to maintain the solar system after installation, ensuring it remains fit for purpose for years to come.

Speaking about the project, sustainability and impact project manager Rosie Gosling said: “We are very happy to fund this solar energy infrastructure project in Tanzania. Tanzania’s 12 hours of daily darkness makes it difficult for students to study after dark - but providing them with a solar electricity system to light their school will change that.

“Having a positive impact and transitioning to clean energy are key focuses for us at SailGP and we are thrilled to work with Little Sun to support another vital project.”

It comes after SailGP teamed up with Little Sun as part of its impact project at Season 2’s ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix in Aarhus.

SailGP donated close to 600 Little Sun solar-powered lamps to children living in rural Tanzania, which has 12 hours of darkness every day, to allow them to study after dark.

The lamps provided each student with 1,200 additional study hours after dark, protecting them from the toxic fumes produced by burning coal or wood to see instead.

The impact project is part of SailGP’s year-round purpose-led calendar of sustainable initiatives in which the league collaborates with each venue on the Season 3 tour.