Ahead of the Dubai Sail Grand Prix, Spain wing trimmer Florian Trittel talks us through his workout schedule. Alongside his SailGP commitments, Trittel is a professional kite surfer and races with flight controller Diego Botin in the 49er class - with the pair crowned winner of the 2022 European Championships this year. Trittel reveals how he prepares for a day racing on the water.

How often do you work out?

Between 3-5 times a week

How long do you work out for?

Around 45-90 minutes

Season 3 // Spain SailGP Team // Florian Trittel with Jordi Xammar

What time do you get up?

About 8am

What time do you go to bed?

Between 11pm and midnight

How much do you weigh?


What is your ideal weight?


Talk us through your workout on a normal day

I alternate between cardio sessions either biking, running or swimming, and workouts with weights. Together with our physical trainer, we believe working all muscle groups on the same day best suits our sailing activity.

Talk us through your workout/ warm up on a race day

Some mobility with a foam roller and stretching.

Season 3 // Spain SailGP Team // Florian Trittel crew headshot

What's the biggest fitness misconception about your sport?

People think we pull and hold ropes and that’s only the case of the wing trimmer now. The rest push buttons, hold wheels, turn handles…Things change!

Do you train or compete in any other sports?

My best preparation for SailGP is competing the 49er and training the Moth. It’s all related and makes you be a better all-round athlete.

Season 3 // Spain SailGP Team // Florian Trittel fitness training

Does this add to or affect your sailing performance?

It definitely adds onto it!

How many calories do you burn on a typical race day?

Depending on conditions, between 400-1200

Season 3 // Spain SailGP Team // Florian Trittel fitness recovery

How do you recover?

The best was for me to recover is by doing yoga and meditation for body and the and mind.

How would you describe the fitness needed to be a professional sailor?

It obviously varies a lot across all boats and different positions on them, but in my case athletic fitness is required.

Season 3 // Spain SailGP Team // Florian Trittel runs across the F50

Quickfire Q&A:

6am or 6pm workout?


Treadmill or outside?


Weights or cardio?


Yoga or meditation?


Running or cycling?


Smoothie or protein shake?