New Zealand and France picked up the same average speed in the Final of the ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix, but the Kiwis clinched the win by sailing a significantly shorter distance.

Both teams raced at an average speed of 55.2 km/h, while Denmark had a slower speed of 50.7 km/h, according to SailGP Insights.

New Zealand sailed the shortest distance of the three teams, covering 9,744m in comparison to Denmark’s 9,814m and France’s 10,167m.

Season 3 // ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix // New Zealand leads in Final

All three boats performed 10 manoeuvres throughout the Final, but fly times varied. New Zealand dominated once again, foiling for 89.4% of the race, while France picked up an 87.5% fly time. Denmark fell off the foils after it was handed a penalty for not keeping clear of France, resulting in the lowest fly time of all three boats - 82.6%.

The Kiwis had the best start to the race and were positioned just 4m from the line and sailing at 62.9 km/h. France was close behind - 6.8m from the line and moving at 61.4 km/h. Aggressive tactics from Kiwi driver Peter Burling however pushed Denmark to the edge of the starting box, leaving the home favorites 41.7m from the line and traveling at a significantly slower speed of 50 km/h.

Season 3 // ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix // France and Denmark head to head

New Zealand also had the highest speed recorded throughout the race, picking up an eye-watering pace of 82.2 km/h on the reach to mark one. France’s highest speed meanwhile was 78.3 km/h while Denmark’s was 76.8 km/h.

Season 3 // ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix // New Zealand wins final

The lowest speed of the race - 37.5 km/h - was recorded on board the Danish F50 on the downwind Leg 6, while France’s lowest speed was 49.1 km/h and New Zealand’s was 49.2 km/h.

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