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Kuehne+Nagel and SailGP reduce event logistics carbon emissions with biofuel

9 JUNE 2022News
  • Sail racing league’s infrastructure transported from Spain to Australia to San Francisco leveraging biofuels
  • The usage of biofuel reduces carbon emissions

Kuehne+Nagel partnered with SailGP to reduce shipping carbon emissions by leveraging biofuels.

As Official Logistics Partner for the global sailing league, Kuehne+Nagel is responsible for transporting all SailGP’s event infrastructure to its global racing destinations in the most sustainable ways possible.

For the final legs of Season 2 Kuehne+Nagel shipped SailGP’s freight over 30,000km from Cadiz to Sydney to San Francisco using biofuels to reduce the overall carbon emissions - avoiding approximately 342 tonnes of CO2.

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This follows Kuehne+Nagel using HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) - a low carbon alternative to diesel made from recycled organic waste - for the 4,000km transport across mainland Europe for the previous event at Aarhus, St Tropez and then to Cádiz. This reduced emissions by 90%.

The shared goal to minimise the environmental impact of logistics transport sees Kuehne+Nagel and SailGP partner to reduce the carbon footprint of the sail racing league's transport.

Brian Cox, managing director UK, Kuehne+Nagel comments, “It’s fantastic working with a partner that’s so committed to exploring alternative, more sustainable fuels. SailGP is not just achieving its own goals; it’s setting an example for others to follow.”

Fiona Morgan, director of impact and purpose, SailGP explains further, “We’re very excited to be exploring more environmentally-friendly fuel alternative to fossil fuels. At SailGP we believe we have a duty to innovate and find new sustainable ways to change the way sport operates. We cannot do this alone, so working with partners like Kuehn+Nagel is vital in our ambition to reduce our carbon emission by 55% by 2025.”

Find out more about SailGP’s clean energy roadmap here.

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