A keen sailor, Milly Jinks first entered the world of SailGP through Season 2’s Inspire racing program.

From there, she was offered the opportunity to intern with the boat building team at Season 2’s France Sail Grand Prix in Saint-Tropez and returned to SailGP in Season 3 working with regatta services at the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix in Plymouth.

It was here that Milly impressed her head of department so much that she has been invited to work with the team at every event since, including the Denmark, Spain, France and Dubai.

Working with the regatta services team, Milly’s diverse role sees her prepare, maintain and upgrade the electronics of the chase boats and ensure the telemetry and systems on the race marks are working properly.

Season 3 // Inspire // Milly Jinks with inspire in Season 2

On race days, Milly steps on board the race control boat and ensures all marks and Marshalls are in the correct positions for racing, as well as being an important communication point between the race director, chief Marshall and mark set team.

Looking back, Milly said getting involved with SailGP was ‘the best decision (she) ever made’.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Milly Jinks

“I absolutely loved and highly recommend the Inspire careers program,” Milly said, “it shows how much efforts goes into an event like SailGP and you really get stuck into the jobs. Others in my team were always keen to teach me new things and show me how to do little jobs so I could become more independent and learn.”

Looking ahead, Milly said she is now ‘being paid to do all of the events and prep and development work between’ which she described as her ‘dream’.