As 2022 draws to a close, we round up our top news stories from across the year, from Japan bowing out of Season 3 to Great Britain racing against time to fix their damaged F50 in Copenhagen.

New venues, an expanding fleet, and the must-watch Grand Final: Are you prepared for SailGP’s biggest year yet?

Season 2 // United States Sail Grand Prix // Fleet with golden gate bridge

In January, our preview of the year ahead was the most read story of the month. We looked forward to San Francisco’s Season 2 Grand Final in March and Bermuda's Season 3 opener in May, as well as the introduction of new teams Switzerland and Canada.

Canada SailGP Team announces CEO and Driver

Canada SailGP Team // Phil Robertson // Announcement Graphic

In February, it was the news that newcomer team Canada had appointed its CEO and driver ahead of Season 3 kicking off in May. Jean-Sébastien Chénier Proteau stepped into the position of chief executive while former Spain driver Phil Robertson was unveiled as driver.

Australia crowned SailGP champions after crazy day of racing on San Francisco Bay

United States Sail Grand Prix | San Francisco // Season 2 // Australia // Championship Trophy

In March, our report on the season-deciding Grand Final in San Francisco was the most read story. Australia won the SailGP Championship for a second successive year, beating Japan and the United States.

Canada SailGP Team athletes announced

Canada SailGP Team | Season 3 | Athlete Announcement Collage (16:9 Crop)

In April, Canada announced its crew line-up, with Olympians Tom Ramshaw, Luke Ramsay and Tim Hornsby joining Phil Robertson as driver, as well as strategists Isabella Bertold and Georgia Lewin-LaFrance.

SailGP accelerates rapid growth across all areas of operation in Season 2

Season 2 | By the Numbers | Asset

In May, SailGP revealed rapid growth across all areas of operation in Season 2, with total broadcast audiences increasing by 220% and digital content views increasing by 355%, alongside expanded diversity and sustainability initiatives.

Spithill says U.S. fans ‘deserve better’ while Robertson reveals ‘Japanada’s’ winning formula

Season 3// Bermuda Sail Grand Prix// Race Day 1// Jimmy Spithill

In June, Jimmy Spithill reacted to the United States’ shocking fleet racing performance at their home event in Chicago, while Phil Robertson revealed the secrets behind newcomer Canada, after the team secured a second podium finish in a row.

SailGP indefinitely pauses participation of Japan SailGP Team

Japan finished second in Season 2

In July, SailGP announced that it had indefinitely paused the participation of Season 2 runner-up Japan after a number of logistical and commercial considerations. The league thanked the athletes for their contribution to the league and announced that it would continue racing with nine teams for the remainder of the season.

The Great Britain SailGP Team race against time after damage in practice

Season 3 // ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix // Great Britain F50 damage in shed

In August, Great Britain announced it was in a race against time to repair its F50 and compete at the ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix after sustaining serious damage in practice. The team was completing pre-race training drills when they hit an uncharted rock just outside the racecourse boundary.

SailGP Season 4: Bigger, bolder and better than ever

SailGP Season 4 | Calendar Asset

In September, SailGP announced its Season 4 calendar, with a bigger schedule than ever before. Kicking off with the United States Sail Grand Prix in June 2023, the Season 4 calendar aims to visit a total of 14 venues at iconic locations around the world.

‘With new rudders, we will break the 100 km/h barrier’: Russell Coutts reveals the technical innovations heading for SailGP

Season 3 // Denmark SailGP Team // Into the Depths Russell Coutts in conversation

In October, SailGP boss Russell Coutts opened up about the technical advancements underway and heading for SailGP, which will enable the fleet to break the 100 km/h speed barrier. New rudders, new foils and a Halo crash protection system are just some of the projects underway.

First fan-owned team launches for SailGP

Season 3 // Fan Owned Team announcement // Bermuda Caribbean team asset

In November, SailGP announced the launch of the first ever fan-owned team. The racing team will represent the Bermuda and Caribbean islands and is aiming to be on the start line for Season 4. Using a DAO structure and built on the NEAR Protocol, the team is set to open new opportunities in sports ownership and fan engagement.

The Umpire’s Call: Craig Mitchell on Dubai’s punishing pre-starts and New Zealand’s four-point penalty

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Fleet against Dubai city skyline

In December, chief umpire Craig Mitchell shared his thoughts on all the penalty action from the Dubai Sail Grand Prix, which saw 16 penalties dished out across a bumper weekend of six fleet races and a Final. Notable incidents saw New Zealand pick up a four-point penalty for contact with Switzerland on the start line of the fifth fleet race and Canada handed a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.