Thirty-year-old Manon Audinet is a Season 3 newcomer after joining the French team through the Women’s Pathway Program. Despite this, she’s well acquainted with driver Quentin Delapierre after previously competing with him in the mixed Nacra 17 class in the 2020 summer Olympics. Ahead of the ROCKWOOL Denmark Sail Grand Prix | Copenhagen, we catch up with Manon to discuss her top ambition for Season 3 and what’s behind her special rivalry with the Switzerland SailGP Team.

Q: What is your first sailing memory?

A: Sailing with my grandfather who had a trimaran when I was a kid. I was more focused on playing with my toys than sailing but I still enjoyed being on the boat.

Season 3 // Switzerland SailGP Team // Manon Audinet French strategist

Q: What is your career highlight so far?

A: The 2019 season with Quentin Delapierre in the Nacra where we won our first World Cup and got selected for the Olympics after just one year of training together.

Q: Tell us about your scariest sailing moment?

A: My scariest sailing moment was winging in New Zealand and nearly hitting a big shark!

Season 3 // Switzerland SailGP Team // Manon Audinet crew shot

Q: What is your favourite SailGP race location and why?

A: Bermuda - because of the water colour

Q: What is your top ambition for Season 3?

A: To get onto the podium.

Q: Best SailGP moment so far?

A: Our first start in Bermuda. It was my first start and the boats were so close and going so fast!

Q: What team would you most like to beat and why?

A: The Swiss team because I would love to beat my boyfriend (Jason Saunders).

Season 3 // Switzerland SailGP Team // Manon Audinet with Jason Saunders

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional sailor?

A: I would love to be an artist if I had any talent for it.

Q: What is your favourite thing about SailGP?

A: My favourite thing is seeing all the best sailors in the world racing against each other on such a small course.