The Switzerland SailGP Team has hit speeds close to 90 km/h after taking to the water for first time ahead of the start of Season 3 in Bermuda next month (14-15 May).

Driver Sébastien Schneiter, the youngest driver of the series so far, has been putting his crew through their paces as training gets underway on Great Sound, Bermuda.

It was a milestone moment for the newcomer team, which together with the Canada SailGP Team, will race for the first time in Season 3.

Supported by SailGP’s on the ground tech team, Switzerland SailGP’s F50 took to the water in breezy conditions, leaving the team no choice but to “go full throttle the whole time,” according to Schneiter.

“We first beared away out of the harbour at 46 knots (85 km/h),” he said, “the boat was incredibly fast, like nothing I’ve ever done before. Sailing here on the Great Sound on any type of foiling boat is great but especially for the F50 is really ideal”

Schneiter allowed a glimpse into the Swiss team’s racing strategy, stating the crew will be “in push mode”. “We’re trying to be as careful as we can (…) but we don’t want to be backing off,” he said.

He recognised the “responsibility” of being at the wheel but added, “I have full trust in my team and I think there’s a really good relationship between us.

“For now we’re enjoying having the Great Sound for our own, improve our manoeuvres and get ready for racing.”

It comes after the team announced that five of Switzerland’s top female athletes will join the Switzerland SailGP Team throughout Season 3.