SailGP rounds up the biggest stories this week, from SailGP’s triumph at the BBC Green Sport Awards and our interview with SailGP chief photographer Bob Martin to Jimmy Spithill’s Cádiz debrief and Rolex’s docuseries The Need For Speed.

WATCH: Relive the start to Season 3 in Rolex’s behind-the-scenes docuseries The Need For Speed

Season 3 // Rolex The Need For Speed - YouTube Thumbnail

First up is the latest episode of Rolex’s docuseries The Need For Speed, which tells the story of SailGP’s bumper third season so far. The episode interviews SailGP commentators Stevie Morrison, Freddie Carr and Emily Nagel on all the action from the season’s first four events, from Bermuda to Copenhagen.

SailGP Spotlight: Inside the photography operation of SailGP with chief photographer Bob Martin

Season 3 // Great Britain Sail Grand Prix // Photographer Bob Martin in tech site

Next up is our interview with SailGP’s chief photographer Bob Martin, who explains how he applies his award winning sports photographer background to the dramatic racetrack of SailGP. Martin, who takes charge of the photography team at each event, explains how he rallies against traditional sailing photography to push SailGP into the mainstream news cycle.

SailGP wins BBC Green Sport Ambition and Impact Award

Season 3 // Purpose // SailGP wins at BBC Green Sport Awards

In third is the news that SailGP, the world’s first climate positive sport and entertainment property, has picked up the Ambition and Impact award in the first edition of the BBC Green Sport Awards. The newly created awards celebrate individuals and organizations actively contributing to a more sustainable future through their sporting profiles and practices.

“Cádiz was the closest finish in SailGP history”: U.S. driver Jimmy Spithill on neck-and-neck fight to the finish with France

Season 3 // Great Britain Sail Grand Prix // United States SailGP Team // Jimmy Spithill interview

Also this week, U.S. driver Jimmy Spithill reflected on the Spain Sail Grand Prix presented by NEAR, claiming Cádiz was the ‘closest finish in SailGP history’ after neck-and-neck racing between the U.S. and France culminated in a tense sprint to the finish line. Writing for Red Bull, Spithill said the podium race was ‘an awesome final race for the fans’ and complimented the performance of the French, who ‘deserved their first SailGP event victory’.

The Umpire’s Call: Craig Mitchell on Cádiz’s close crosses and the teams punished for crossing the line early

Season 3 // Spain Sail Grand Prix // New Zealand close cross with Switzerland

Last but not least is chief umpire Craig Mitchell’s penalty rundown of Cádiz, during which 17 penalties were dished out from 37 protests. Mitchell dissects a close cross incident between Switzerland and New Zealand and the five teams penalised for crossing the start line early.