A new recruit to SailGP this season, grinder Eliot Merceron stepped onto the Swiss F50 after previously competing with Team Switzerland in the Star Sailor League. Ahead of the Dubai Sail Grand Prix, we catch up with Eliot to find out exactly what a SailGP grinder eats in a day.

Talk us through what you eat on a normal day

Some of the things that I usually eat for breakfast are eggs, bread, fruit, oats and I have a cup of coffee. For lunch and dinner I have carbohydrates with meat and vegetables. During the day I have protein bars or shakes for snacks, which is a third of my caloric intake.

Season 3 // Switzerland SailGP Team // Laurane Mettraux training with Eliot grinder

What time do you eat each meal?

Breakfast is at 7:30, lunch is around 12pm and dinner is at 7pm. I have a snack in the morning and one in the afternoon. The timing is based around my training.

Talk us through what you eat on a race day

It is pretty much the same as a non-race day. At lunch we have sandwiches on the water with half a liquid meal made of slow sugar to avoid digesting during the training. After the training I will have a shake to help with muscle recovery.

Season 3 // Switzerland SailGP Team // Eliot Merceron with foils

What is your favorite meal?

It would have to be Magret de Canard (duck breast).

What foods do you avoid?

I have to avoid shellfish because I am allergic to it!

What’s your most hated food?

Processed food.

Season 3 // Swizerland SailGP Team // Eliot Merceron crossing Swiss F50

Is there anything you don’t eat for health reasons?

Alcohol for obvious reasons.

Do you take any supplements?

I take Vitamin C, and caffeine supplements for muscle activation as well as protein shakes from Sponser - who help power the Swiss team!

Season 3 // Swizerland SailGP Team // Eliot Merceron with Laurane Mettraux

Do you use protein powder?

I take it twice a day.

Do you drink alcohol?

Very rarely, and even more rarely on race days.