The addition of Germany to the SailGP fleet will result in a congested racetrack and even tighter racing, according to SailGP’s podcast.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Deep Dive podcast, hosts Stevie Morrison and Freddie Carr previewed the 12-event calendar of Season 4, which kicks off in Chicago this weekend.

“We’ve got fantastic new venues with 12 events and there’s going to be 10 boats on the starting line,” Morrison said. “The racing is getting tighter. Come gate two, it’s going to be real busy.”

Carr meanwhile predicted a step up in the performance level of the entire fleet, with Canada and Switzerland now racing with the experience of Season 3 under their belts.

Season 3 // France Sail Grand Prix // Fleet against skyline

“I think what we’re going to see in Season 4 is another progression of what we saw in Season 3,” Carr said. “In Season 1 and 2, there was a huge disparity in boat handling and speed across the fleet and now seven boats have concertinaed right up into the top end.”

He added that he expected leaderboard laggers Spain and Switzerland to ‘join the rest of that seven and the standard as a whole’.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // F50 fleet crosses the start line

“I think boats are going to move up right underneath the ceiling - everyone’s going to be operating in the last 5% of what an F50 can do.”