Australia consistently made the best starts in Taranto, but Emirates GBR was able to move through the fleet to claim the best racing record and ultimately, the event title.

Data provided by the F50 fleet across Taranto’s five fleet races shows that Australia beat Emirates GBR across all starting metrics.

Australia took an average of 1.9 seconds to cross the line after the gun, compared to Emirates GBR’s 5.8 seconds, and Australia also had the highest starting speed - 46.2 km/h versus 37.3 km/h.

When it came to positioning, Australia also had the upper hand - and was just 11.9m away from the line at the gun compared to Emirates GBR’s 31.1m.

This saw the Aussies pick up the highest Mark 1 position of the whole fleet - an average of 3.2 compared to Emirates GBR’s 4.4. But while the Aussies managed to ace the starts, their lead began to slip as the race progressed.

Season 4 // Australia, Emirates GBR, France and Denmark underway on first day of racing in Taranto

This resulted in their Mark 1 position falling to 3.4 by the finish line, while Emirates GBR gained an average of 2.4 places throughout the race, resulting in an average finishing position of 2.

Season 4 // Emirates GBR foiling on the second day of racing in Taranto

Across other metrics, Emirates GBR proved superior to Australia, including maneuvers, fly time and distance sailed. Through the five fleet races, Emirates GBR performed a total of 34 maneuvers - two fewer than Australia, and had an average fly time of 68.2% versus Australia’s 62.8%.

The Brits also managed to sail a total distance of 41,549m - almost 1,400m less than in Australia’s 42,945m.


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