Driver Jimmy Spithill has announced his departure from the United States SailGP Team, indicating the sale of the team.

Speaking to, Spithill didn’t reveal specifics of the sale, but did confirm that the new ownership group will bring in their own driver and CEO. This means that Spithill, who has driven for the U.S. team since Season 2, will no longer race with the American team, including at next month’s Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix.

Season 4 // Jimmy Spithill with Nicolai Sehested after racing in Cadiz

Reflecting on the news, Spithill said it was a ‘great result for the U.S. team and SailGP’.

“I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved on and off the water with the US Team. When I took over for Season 2, the team had just finished last overall in Season 1 and had no sponsors. I immediately took the team to the Grand Final, added multiple sponsors, and as a team we experienced multiple wins - including the last event in Spain.”

Season 4 // Jimmy Spithill with Paul Campbell-James on the back of the American F50 in Los Angeles

Spithill also announced his intention to launch an Italian team into the Championship for Season 5 immediately following the completion of the Olympics and America’s Cup.

“I’ve competed in and for Italy - multiple times in my career, and the fans are the most passionate and loyal I've ever experienced. There is no doubt in my mind we will see a lot of interest in the team, a lot of amazing athletes and I look forward to releasing more details early next year,” he said.

More details on the sale of the United States SailGP Team will be announced in due course.

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