As a former Formula 1 driver, Sebastian Vettel is used to high speeds. Now, as Owner of the Germany SailGP team, he has taken on a new challenge at top speed, sailing with the team off Los Angeles.

As the sixth sailor, the owner of the Germany SailGP Team Sebastian Vettel has completed a training with his team. Off the port of Los Angeles, the four-time Formula 1 world champion was able to experience first-hand the forces that affect the team during races.

Season 4 // Germany SailGP Team // Germany F50 underway with Sebastian Vettel at helm

After a one-hour safety briefing, during which Vettel also went underwater, the 35-year-old boarded the F50 catamaran together with driver Erik Heil, flight controller James Wierzbowski, wing trimmer Stuart Bithell and grinders Dan Morris and Jonathan Knottnerus-Meyer.

Vettel takes the helm of racing catamaran

Immediately after his ride on the racing catamaran, the four-time Formula 1 racing driver says: "It was impressive. Very different from what I expected. I am very impressed by the G-forces that acted on me while driving. I didn't expect it to be so strong. When I was turning, I was already wishing for my seatbelt at times."

Season 4 // Germany SailGP Team // Sebastian Vettel at wheel in LA

Speeds of 64 km/h were reached by the catamaran with the owner of the German team at the helm. "It feels much faster on the water than on land. And when the catamaran starts to foil, it suddenly becomes very quiet and only the sound of the wind gets louder and louder," reports Sebastian Vettel after his first high-speed sailing experience. The 35-year-old was also impressed by the cooperation within the team.

Driver Erik Heil said after sailing together: "It was a lot of fun. Sebastian was thrown in at the deep end and was very challenged. But he learned very quickly."

Season 4 // Germany SailGP Team // Sebastian Vettel gives thumbs up

German team ahead in test races

In Los Angeles, the Germany SailGP Team was able to achieve a second place in the test races and start the first race day with a good feeling. There Erik Heil succeeded under difficult weather conditions to leave other experienced teams behind again and again and to improve the procedures on board steadily. Before the second race day, the team is now in ninth place.

Just a few weeks ago, the Germany SailGP team made its debut in Chicago and gained the respect of the league and the competition. Although the German sailors did not finish last in any individual race, they finished tenth overall.