New photos capture New Zealand's wing collapse in real time after racing on the first day of Saint-Tropez.

All images: Olivier Daems

Captured by photographer Olivier Daems, the photos show New Zealand's 29m wing collapsing frame by frame.

Season 4 // Beginning of New Zealand 29m wing collapse in Saint-Tropez

Speaking about the incident after racing, New Zealand driver Peter Burling said he heard 'an almighty bang' before the wing 'unraveled'.

Season 4 // New Zealand wing begins to collapse in Saint-Tropez

The incident occurred on the first day of racing in Saint-Tropez, but luckily none of the Kiwi crew were injured.

However, the damage to the wing meant and lack of spare equipment meant the Kiwis were unable to race on both the second day of Saint-Tropez and whole Taranto event.

Season 4 // New Zealand wing falls over starboard hull

As a result, SailGP awarded Peter Burling's season points equivalent to a 5th place finish in Taranto.

Season 4 // New Zealand wing fully collapsed at end of racing in Saint-Tropez

The F50 fleet will next meet at the Spain Sail Grand Prix in Cádiz on October 14-15.