Deutsche Bank and the Germany SailGP Team today officially announced a three-year sponsorship agreement. As part of the soft launch, the France Sail Grand Prix in Saint-Tropez last month was the first time the Germany SailGP Team sailed in the new look with blue bows and logos on the F50 catamaran and team clothing.

The collaboration fits seamlessly into the bank’s efforts that aim at forming alliances to protect the oceans while building on Deutsche Bank’s history of promoting competitive sports and talented athletes. The Germany SailGP Team also wants to act as a pioneer for younger generations and make an impact on society with its role model function in sport and its sustainability efforts. The common goal is to raise both to a new level.

Season 4 // Germany F50 with Deutsche Bank logo

Tim Krieglstein, CEO of the Germany SailGP Team said: "We are delighted to have Deutsche Bank as a partner who is committed to positive change and protecting the oceans for future generations. Partnering at this early stage, just three months into our team, gives us the opportunity to work together to drive processes and develop actions that can feed into our sustainability strategy."

Julian Thurston, Head of Strategy, Marketing & Global Client Management at the private bank, said: "We are proud to be part of the world's most exciting global sail racing league as a global partner of the Germany SailGP Team and to help promote innovation and sustainability in sailing. For Deutsche Bank, the blue economy is not only an important part of our sustainability strategy, but also our business ambitions as a global relationship bank for families and entrepreneurs."

Germany SailGP Team and Deutsche Bank to work together to drive development

The combined goal is to take the sport and its sustainability ambitions to new levels by educating people, bringing fans closer to the action and delivering world-class experiences to clients worldwide. In addition, joining forces at an early stage gives the Germany SailGP Team and Deutsche Bank the unique opportunity not only to support existing projects, but also to develop pioneering strategies in the field of sustainability together and to move in a common direction.

In doing so, both partners also support the SailGP league's ambitious goal of being 100% powered by clean energy by 2025, both on the water and on land. To be climate positive, SailGP aims to both drastically reduce its carbon emissions and invest in projects to eliminate more than the remaining emissions and ultimately create environmental benefits. The league also works with each host city to support at least one project with positive climate and conservation impacts at each event.

In 2019, Deutsche Bank’s Chief Investment Office identified the oceans as a strategic macroeconomic risk and enabler, and in 2021 became the first bank to partner with the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance (ORRAA) as a full member to build its knowledge and network, including those in ocean research and conservation in close collaboration with its Chief Investment Office. Launched in October 2022, the Deutsche Bank Ocean Resilience Philanthropy Fund aims to quickly deploy unrestricted funds in response to the great challenge of ocean degradation.