Australia and ROCKWOOL DEN were consistently able to improve their Mark 1 rankings to gain higher finishing positions, despite neither team having the best starts of the fleet.

Data provided by the 10-strong F50 fleet across Cádiz’s five fleet races shows that Canada was the quickest to cross the line and was consistently positioned the closest to it.

Phil Robertson’s team took an average of just 1.3 seconds to cross the line after the gun and was an average of 6.7m away from the line. By contrast, Switzerland was the slowest boat to cross the line after the gun, taking an average of 17.5 seconds, while France was positioned the furthest away - 77.5m.

Season 4 // F50 fleet begin practice racing in Cadiz

The quickest boat however was Erik Heil’s Germany, which racked up an average speed of 29.2 km/h - the highest of the fleet.

Switzerland came bottom of this metric, recording an average starting speed of 19.5 km/h - the slowest of the fleet.

Despite being first across the line with the best starting position, Canada’s lead quickly evaporated. They picked up an average Mark 1 position of 5, which fell 0.6 places to an average finishing position of 5.6 by the end of the race.

Season 4 // ROCKWOOL DEN and Australia in Cadiz Final

Australia, ROCKWOOL DEN, Spain and the United States meanwhile were the only teams able to improve on their average Mark 1 positions. Australia and and ROCKWOOL DEN had the highest Mark 1 position - 3.6 and 4 respectively. Both teams were able to move through the fleet and improve these rankings - the Danish to an average of 2.2 in fleet racing, the Australians to an average of 3.2.

Switzerland and France meanwhile made no change to their 7.8 and 6.2 Mark 1 positions, while Canada, Emirates Great Britain, Germany and New Zealand all lost places in the journey from Mark 1 to the finish line.

Season 4 // Switzerland, New Zealand and Emirates GBR race on day one of Cadiz

Despite making average starts resulting in a 4.8 Mark 1 ranking, Emirates Great Britain had an average finishing position of 7, losing a total of 2.2 places along the way.

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