Busy training for the 2024 Olympic Games, Singaporean kite foiling pro Max Maeder has a packed schedule. But nothing could stop him joining SailGP in Singapore to promote the sport of foiling to his local community.

Maeder, who is a two-time youth world champion and reaches speeds of up to 80 km/h on the water, joined the Spain SailGP Team and SailGP Inspire program in Singapore.

“As a proud sailor of Singapore, having such a prestigious event happen in Singapore is something I felt the need to participate in. I always want to contribute back all I can to the community and SailGP provided a perfect platform for that.”

Volunteering with the Inspire program throughout the event, Maeder also gave a short, live interview between racing to explain the physics and function of a hydrofoil.

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“It means a lot to me to have the opportunity to be able to come and watch SailGP, come participate in it so closely and I really want to share a bit more about foiling with the general community in Singapore,” he said.

Following the event, Maeder is back to his grueling schedule and is currently training in Soma Bay, Egypt before traveling to the Mediterranean for the first events of the season.