New Zealand has reclaimed the top spot of the Impact League leaderboard after winning the podium for the planet in Singapore, tied on points with Denmark.

Both teams picked up a total of 163 points from the event, while Australia took the most improved title with 156 points.

New Zealand now sits in first place on the overall leaderboard with 1,235 points, while Denmark moves into second place with 1,232 points. Canada meanwhile is 10 points behind in third.

New Zealand won the Singapore Sail Grand Prix, the first ever SailGP event in Asia

Highlights saw New Zealand repurpose materials to provide crucial shade to its chase boat team, as well as introducing reusable chiller pads to keep its on-water Chilly bin cold. This means the team will no longer use eight plastic bags of ice to keep its drinks chiller cold.

Season 3 // Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Australia and New Zealand in the Final

Denmark meanwhile launched its innovative More Speed Less Plastic initiative in Singapore, which sees the team’s top speed converted into a plastic waste pledge at every event to divert ocean-bound waste. The initiative also sees the team work with the rest of the fleet to double the impact.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Nicolai Sehested at press conference

Speaking about his team’s joint win in Singapore, driver Nicolai Sehested said: “We're super happy to get our third Impact League win of the season in Singapore, to match our best ever result on the water, and it's fitting we've tied with New Zealand in this event.

“We know that together we can make a much stronger impact, and the Impact League is all about collaboration, so I'm looking forward to keep pushing each other off the water as well as on it.”

The total prize money of $25K will be divided between the three top teams and donated to their Race For The Future partners.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // New Zealand and Denmark in practice

As the winning teams, New Zealand and Denmark are also awarded a Golden Crane Ticket - an on-water advantage that allows the winner of each event to adjust their crane slot assignment to suit their team’s schedule and ultimately allow for more time on the water to train.

The Impact League is measured across 10 criteria, including travel and accommodation, food, and diversity, equality and inclusion, which are aligned to SailGP’s targets to reduce its carbon footprint by 55%.