The Singapore Sail Grand Prix played host to the league’s first collaboration with the iconic Japanese restaurant brand Nobu, which provided a selection of standout dishes to guests at SailGP’s luxury hospitality experience, the Adrenaline Lounge.

Guests had the opportunity to sample a selection of Nobu’s finest dishes across the weekend of racing, including signature plates created by the chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa himself.

Four of Nobu’s highly trained chefs prepared and cooked a total of eight dishes in front of guests, including Matsuhisa’s world famous black cod in miso. All dishes were prepared with locally and sustainably sourced ingredients in compliance with SailGP’s food charter.

Season 3 // Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Nobu stand at Adrenaline Lounge

Speaking about the collaboration, SailGP’s hospitality catering manager Sam Buchanan said: “Nobu’s chefs are scrutinized to perfection and use cutting edge techniques and skills to perfect their craft - you know that when you go to a Nobu restaurant, you are getting the absolute best of the best - and that is what SailGP is trying to do.”

Season 3 // Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Nobu dishes laid out in Adrenaline Lounge

The feedback to the collaboration was ‘tremendous’, he added, with guests leaving the event ‘talking about how good Nobu was, as well as how good [Australia driver] Tom Slingsby was."

“There wasn’t a guest that didn’t try at least one dish and there wasn’t a guest that didn’t then go back for more - the freshness of the ingredients, the quality of every dish and the magic of seeing the chefs preparing the food live really captured the attention of our guests.”

Season 3 // Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Selection of dishes at Nobu stand

Chief marketing and communications officer at SailGP, Erica Kerner, added: “Our first collaboration with Nobu Restaurants at the Singapore Sail Grand Prix brought together two brands synonymous with quality and sustainability. The feedback was incredible, with Nobu helping to provide an unrivaled fan experience to our customers.”