There’s just a week to go before France driver Quentin Delapierre, together with the French crew, begin an Amazing-Race style, low-carbon journey from Barcelona to Saint-Tropez.

Delapierre, along with crew mates Kevin Peponnet, Matthieu Vandame, Olivier Herlédant, Timothé Lapauw and Amelie Riou, will depart Barcelona on September 6 and travel to Saint-Tropez via low-carbon transport only. Should their journey go to plan, the French team will arrive at the SailGP Tech Base in Saint-Tropez the next day on September 7.

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The challenge is inspired by the American reality show The Amazing Race, which sees teams travel the world and compete against each other in various challenges and obstacles, and is held in partnership with France's Race For The Future partner the Energy Observer Foundation.

Delapierre and the team will travel down the Spanish and French coastlines to Saint-Tropez using a variety of transport including hydrogen-powered buses, trains, and a selection of electric-powered bikes, boats and cars.

Speaking about the challenge, Delapierre said the ‘competitive aspect’ of SailGP’s Impact League inspired the team to ‘rack our brains and do things differently.’

Season 4 // Quentin Delapierre and Kevin Peponnet at the France SailGP Team tech base

“The journey will take a little longer, but it will be an opportunity to meet up with our community along the way,” he said. “I’m calling on anyone who would like to help us in our ‘slow travel, low carbon’ approach to join us in Nimes, Marseille, Sainte-Maxime and, of course, when we arrive in Saint-Tropez.”

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He added that the challenge was ‘close to [his] heart’. “As top sportsmen and women, we have a duty that goes beyond sport - we have to set an example, particularly for the younger generation, and show them that there are accessible solutions from traveling more sustainably.’

France will go head to head against the F50 fleet for glory on home waters when the France Sail Grand Prix gets underway in Saint-Tropez on September 9 & 10.