SailGP’s brand new pit lane-style coaching booth was unveiled for the first time in Cádiz, with the 10 coaching teams moved from the water to a remote coaching station located on shore.

Season 4 // Emirates GBR coach Rob Wilson watching racing from the coaches' booth in Cadiz

The coaching teams for all 10 international SailGP teams originally watched racing from on-water chase boats, but earlier in Season 4 the coaches were moved ashore to reduce on-water emissions.

Season 4 // Swiss coaches watch racing from Cadiz coaches' booth

During Saint-Tropez and Taranto, the coaches watch from their own team containers on site, but were transferred to the brand new pit lane-style set up for the first time in Cádiz.

Season 4 // View of the coaches' booth from the water in Cadiz
Season 4 // Switzerland athlete Julien Rolaz in the coaching booth at Cadiz

Coaches such as Emirates GBR’s Rob Wilson, the USA’s Philippe Presti and France’s Thierry Douillard watched Cádiz’s racing from the brand new set up.

Season 4 // Coaches booth unveiled for the first time in Cadiz
Season 4 // View from behind the coaches' desk in Cadiz

The station, which is located in the heart of SailGP’s Race Stadium, sees all coaches from all teams seated together and visible to fans during racing.

Season 4 // Coaches watch the racing from Cadiz coaches' booth in Spain

It also allows the coaches a number of benefits, such as the ability to watch the racing from multiple viewpoints, including F50-mounted cameras, camera boats and the overhead helicopter view, as well as physically watching the boats fly past just meters away on the water.

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Comms between coaches and their teams are unlimited, allowing them to speak directly to the athletes during and in-between races.

Season 4 // France coach Thierry Douillard in Cadiz coaches' booth
Season 4 // USA coach Philippe Presti in Cadiz coaches' booth

The concept was trialled for the first time in Cádiz and will be further developed as Season 4 progresses.

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