Australia strategist Nina Curtis has revealed the key moments behind the Aussies’ impressive fleet racing performance in Taranto.

Australia finished the event in second overall behind Ben Ainslie’s Emirates Great Britain and dominated the first day of racing by converting two impressive starts into race wins.

This, Curtis said, was crucial to the Australian team's performance overall.

“We really dialed in our starts over those first two races in some really high moments, so for me that was the apex.”

It comes as Curtis rejoins the Australian team after a year away from racing for maternity leave. Key to her ability to come back so strongly was, she said, was having access to all fleet racing data.

“The reason I could get back to where I was is because I have access to all of the data,” she said. “This team is really a component of its parts and the way that everyone is working together with their specific strengths and weaknesses is really what makes this team.”

Reflecting on SailGP’s Women’s Pathway, Curtis said the initiative would ‘inspire the next generation to jump on that foiling boat and reach for the stars’, adding ‘it’s just going to really quickly accelerate getting equality for female sailors’.

Taranto was a spectacular backdrop for SailGP's fast and furious racing

Reaching the Apex is sponsored by financial services provider, Apex Group, which has teamed up with SailGP to drive equity for female progression in male dominated environments.