The Denmark SailGP Team’s plastic waste pledge as been examined in the latest episode of ROCKWOOL’s Beneath the Surface.

The team announced the initiative ahead of the Singapore Sail Grand Prix and has the goal of diverting and recycling eight tonnes of ocean-bound plastic before the end of Season 3.

The speed-themed initiative means the faster the team goes, the more plastic will be prevented from entering the ocean.

ROCKWOOL and One Ocean Foundation also pledged to offset the fastest SailGP Team at every event.

In Singapore the Danish team hit a top speed of 74.4km/hr, meaning a total of 744 kilograms of plastic will be diverted while New Zealand’s top speed of 77.1 km/h means an additional 771kg will be prevented from entering the ocean.

Speaking about the pledge, Denmark driver Nicolai Sehested said: “This new initiative is trying to divert and remove plastic from the oceans. Every year eight million of tonnes of plastic goes into the oceans and we’re going to try and do something about it.”

The episode also casts a spotlight on Singapore’s reputation as one of the worst plastic offenders per capita on the planet and scrutinizes what the country is doing to fix it.