The three-season dominance of Australia has been attributed to the team’s strong dynamic, unshakeable confidence and the leadership of driver Tom Slingsby.

After winning both Season 1 and Season 2, the Aussies have spent the entirety of Season 3 at the top of the Championship leaderboard and currently has a comfortable nine-point lead ahead of New Zealand in second.

SailGP’s commentators dissected the team's winning formula ahead of its home event this weekend in Sydney.

Season 3 // Dubai Sail Grand Prix // Close up of Australia F50

“You can’t look far past the fact that Tom Slingsby is probably the best sailor in the world right now,” said Stevie Morrison. “He has a ruthless streak and he’s in the form of his career.”

Todd Harris agreed, arguing that Slingsby ‘understands the F50 more than most and has a crew he really trusts.’

“Success starts at the top,” he said, “Tom has handpicked a crew that he works well with and that is translating into points.”

Season 3 // Spain Sail Grand Prix // Australia struggle in Cadiz conditions

Emily Nagel meanwhile pointed to the fact the team has been sailing together for almost a decade, resulting in flawless on-board communication.

“They’ve been sailing together for so long and they’re just generally really good friends - that’s resulted in a kind of communication that you can’t teach anyone,” she said.

Season 3 // Bermuda Sail Grand Prix// Australia celebrate winning Bermuda Sail Grand Prix

“Sometimes we listen in to the Aussie boat during racing and there’s just nothing being said,” she added. “They don’t say anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.”

The crew’s absolute trust in each other is also key, she said, and allows Slingsby to ‘put the boat anywhere he wants to on the course’.

“Tom trusts his wing trimmer and flight controller to do their jobs perfectly,” she said, “the grinders aren’t just grinders either - they are brilliant sailors who predict when the wing trimmer needs them to grind.”

Australian athlete Nina Curtis in the strategist role alongside driver Tom Slingsby

This dynamic, Morrison added, has created an almost unshakeable confidence amongst the team who ‘believe they’re going to win’.

“Confidence breeds confidence and when you’ve done it so many times it becomes a founded confidence - it’s born out of fact, not bravado.”

It comes after Slingsby himself reflected on his team’s winning formula of confidence, friendship and communication.