New Zealand sailed the shortest distance and picked up the fastest average speed throughout Singapore’s winner-takes-all Final to beat Denmark and Australia with a lead of almost 250m.

Data provided from the three cutting-edge F50s shows the Kiwis dominated across nearly all metrics, with a 99.8% fly time in comparison to Denmark’s 99.3% and Australia’s 95%.

Season 3 // Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Australia and New Zealand in the Final

All three boats performed a total of nine maneuvers comprising three jibes and six tacks, but New Zealand sailed the shortest distance - just 8,087.7m in comparison to Australia’s 8,243m and Denmark’s 8,360m.

Distance Sailed

New Zealand Australia Denmark
8,087.7m 8,243m 8,360m

The Kiwis also had the highest average speed - 55.6 km/h versus Denmark’s 54.7 km/h and Australia’s 52.4 km/h, as well as the highest recorded speed of the race and day overall - 77.1 km/h.

Average Speed

New Zealand Australia Denmark
55.6 km/h 52.4 km/h 54.7 km/h

This was all the more impressive considering all three boats were fitted with the largest 29m wing in wind conditions of 20-27 km/h, resulting in significant drag around the course.

Season 3 // Singapore Sail Grand Prix // Max speeds of day 2 - graph

The start of the race proved decisive. Denmark was positioned the closest to the line - 6.6m away - and took the shortest amount of time to cross it after the gun - just 0.5 seconds.

Australia meanwhile had the quickest speed at the start - 64.5 km/h in comparison to New Zealand’s 62.9 km/h and Denmark’s 64 km/h. But it was New Zealand that had the best angle, resulting in the Kiwis claiming the inside track at mark one and leading thereafter.

Starting Stats

Team Speed at start Distance from line Time to cross line
New Zealand 62.9 km/h 9.85m 0.7 seconds
Australia 64.5 km/h 13.7m 0.9 seconds
Denmark 64 km/h 6.6m 0.5 seconds

Unlike New Zealand, Australia and Denmark made errors. A bad maneuver by the Aussies on the third left of the race sent them to the back of the pack, while Denmark crashed into the water while rounding gate three. The Kiwis meanwhile sailed a flawless race, with a better ride height while exiting tacks and strong upwind legs, resulting in a lead of 250m.

New Zealand crossed the line in 9.09 minutes - Denmark finished 21 seconds later with a race time of 9.30, while Australia finished in third with a time of 9.43 minutes.

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