Australia picked up maximum points in LA after collaborating with its Race For The Future partner Parley For The Oceans and Surfrider to conduct a water quality testing lesson at the Oracle Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix.

The lesson, which was held to engage, educate and inspire action, was held in addition to a variety of other sustainability initiatives by the team, including developing a reusable alternative for on-water boat repairs. This will remove the need for single use plastics, such as cling film, which is currently used to repair urgent damage during racing.

To educate the Australian team and other athletes on the impact this new innovation could have, Parley For the Oceans and the Surfrider Foundation joined the team in LA to for a lesson in testing water held by Olivia Munoz from the Blue Water Task Force. The session highlighted the impact of micro-plastics in the oceans, which severely reduce water quality and affect, not only marine mammals, but also human health.

Season 4 // Australia with Race For The Future partner runs a water quality testing lesson in Los Angeles

Speaking about the session, Australia driver Tom Slingsby said: “Surfrider's visit to the SailGP teams was an eye-opening experience that showed us the hands on work done by the Blue Water Task Force volunteers in assessing beach water quality.

"We gained insights into how micro-plastics and bacteria can impact water quality, and the negative effect this has on both marine and human life. The session allowed us to look into how our own behavior at home can impact our oceans and the role we all play in championing the cause to protect our ocean."

Australia currently sits at the top of the Impact League leaderboard, tied on points with France, New Zealand and the USA - with all three teams picking up maximum points in both Chicago and LA.