Emirates GBR were the rightful winners in Italy, according to Australia driver Tom Slingsby, after Taranto’s Final was terminated amid light wind conditions.

The Aussies went head to head against the British and Americans in the three-boat Final, but no team was able to reach the third gate in the 16 minute race time limit. The winds dropped to just 7 km/h and the Final was terminated, which meant the the results from fleet racing - won by Emirates GBR - decided the event.

Season 4 // United States Sail Grand Prix Chicago // Tom Slingsby in mixed zone

Looking back on the event, Slingsby acquiesced that ‘the British deserved to win’. “We found ourselves saying it would be good for the overall points for us to win but the British deserved it - they had the best points and I think that’s a lot fairer than if we finished the race somewhere and whoever was ahead at the right time won.”

This outcome, Slingsby revealed, would have meant the Australian team won the event. “We were told when they called if off that we were ahead but I don’t think we deserved to be ahead - so I’m happy for the British.”

Looking back at the final day of racing - which was in direct contrast to the high winds of day one - Slingsby said light wind racing continues to be Australia’s ‘Achilles’ Heel’.

“Light winds are still a big problem for us, but we got away in this event with a good result, so we’ve got to be happy about that.”

He added that it was ‘impossible’ to read the wind gusts in the Final. “I’m looking and seeing gusts of wind out there and you don’t know which one is coming your way,” he said. “It’s not even educated guessing.”

Australia finished the event in second, while the United States battled back from an athlete injury on day one to claim third.


However, the refreshed season standings see Australia remain in first place with 35 points, followed by Emirates GBR and Spain with 29.

The F50 fleet will next meet for the Spain Sail Grand Prix | Andalucía Cádiz on October 14-15.