SailGP, in its ongoing efforts to promote the sport of foiling sailing and set international standards, successfully held its first 'Train the Trainers' event. This was hosted at the Foiling Base Cadiz powered by SailGP Inspire, and was made possible through a partnership with IMD and the provision of the Elcano Nautical Center.

The main objective of this event was to train new coaches in the dynamic world of foiling. The course provided a basic introduction to foiling, the necessary equipment, and the essential knowledge to facilitate participants' first foiling experience.

Topics covered included how to safely conduct foiling sessions, safely operate powerboats during foiling sessions and how to deliver basic theoretical topics to support on-water delivery.

This program has allowed SailGP to create an international foiling syllabus, contributing to the standardization, accessibility and universalization of this mode of sailing around the world.

Season 4 // Spain SailGP Team // Train the trainers foiling WASZP

The course was led by Shaun Priestley, among whose notable achievements include writing the RYA SailFoil Scheme, the instructor training program, and the SailFoil section of the RYA Foiling publication. With the support of Jose Luis Piñana and Antonio Coronilla as coaches, Priestley guided participants through the intense and rewarding program.

The "Train the Trainers" was a resounding success with all 8 participants earning SailGP accreditation and becoming qualified to teach the GP level 1 foiling course.

Training competent foiling coaches not only benefits current professionals in the sport but is also crucial for the next generation of young foiling enthusiasts. By equipping coaches with necessary skills and knowledge, we can ensure that young individuals wishing to dive into the thrilling world of foiling receive quality training.

Season 4 // Spain SailGP Team // Train the trainers foiling camp

The course was conducted across three types of foiling modalities: Wingfoil, single-handed Foiling Dinghy, and double-handed Foiling Dinghy, providing participants with a wide range of practical experience.

With the success of the first "Train the Trainers", SailGP continues to establish its leadership and commitment to advancing the foiling form of sailing. In this way, SailGP is not only working to enhance the present of foiling but also investing in its future, ensuring the sport continues to grow and thrive in the coming years.