United States strategist Erika Reineke has revealed the crucial moment that sealed the American team’s first Season 4 victory on the Bay of Cádiz.

The U.S. battled back from a pre-start penalty to trounce competitors Australia and ROCKWOOL DEN in Spain, beating the two teams with a stunning 600m+ lead.

Speaking on the latest episode of Reaching the Apex, Reineke pinpointed the crucial moment that won the Americans the event - making an early jibe ahead of Australia and the Danish on the first downwind leg.

“The two boats ahead of us fell out of breeze and we jibed and had some good pressure. From there it was smooth sailing and the finish line,” she said.

Season 4 // U.S. strategist Erika Reineke talks to media after racing in Cadiz

Reineke revealed she was ‘facing backwards’ at the time of the maneuver due to racing in the grinder position in the light-wind, reduced crew configuration.

“I could hear over the comms from the guys that the teams had fallen out of pressure and so we went for a jibe and were leading around the bottom gate mark,” she said.

The result of the jibe was immediate, with the team moving from ‘third to first in two legs’.

Following the team’s surprise victory, the United States was catapulted up the Championship leaderboard to third place - level on points with Spain and Emirates GBR.

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