weCANfoil is pleased to announce the continuation of the generous support of WASZP for an additional year.

“The WASZP foiler is a great platform for youth to get develop their flying skills,” said Greg Johnson, President of weCANfoil.

Season 3 // Canada SailGP Team // Wecanfoil partnership extended

“This support enables us to have increased reach and breadth in 2023, with WASZPs forming a foundational element amongst wingfoiling, Nacra 17s, and the first 69F regatta to be held in Canada.”

Marc Ablett, General Manager of WASZP, said: “We are delighted to be able to continue our support of this program – recognising the ‘Best Foiling Pathway Project’ that was awarded to weCANfoil and expanding that with the addition to our dedicated WASZP team of Tyler Bjorn, and the increased involvement of Trevor Parekh of Pitchpole Skiff Products.”