The Port of Los Angeles marked SailGP's tightest racecourse yet, resulting in plenty of close crosses, congested mark roundings - and even a collision. We round up the most dramatic racing moments from the weekend of racing.

Close cross between Emirates GBR and Australia

The tight racecourse of the Port of Los Angeles challenged crews like never before, resulting in many moments like this close cross between Emirates GBR and Australia in the first fleet race of the event.

Spain overtakes the USA on the finish line

Looking back on the first day of racing, USA driver Jimmy Spithill said the USA and Spain were 'like magnets'. In the first fleet race of the day, Spain pipped USA to the finish line, stealing 6th place in a photo finish.

Switzerland almost hits the USA

Another tight moment unfolded in the fourth fleet race as day two got underway, with Switzerland bearing away from the USA at the last moment, narrowly avoiding a collision but picking up a penalty.

Germany collides with Switzerland

A congested start line and light winds saw Germany lose control as the fourth fleet race got underway, tapping Switzerland on the stern and earning a four-point event penalty and two season point deduction.

Close call between Canada and ROCKWOOL Denmark

Aggressive match racing tactics from Canada driver Phil Robertson pushed ROCKWOOL Denmark away from the mark, allowing the Canadians to cross the finish line first with ROCKWOOL Denmark following behind.

Australia's jib breaks

Disaster struck the green and gold F50 in the fourth fleet race, with Australia's jib breaking while underway. Luckily, grinder Sam Newton came up with a quick fix, allowing the Aussies to finish the race in one piece.