The two-year evolution of the strategist role on board the F50 has been put under the spotlight as the league celebrates the anniversary of the Women’s Pathway.

The Pathway was first introduced at the Spain Sail Grand Prix in Season 2 and since then female athletes have raced on board the F50s at every event. Teams have also taken steps to ramp up training for the league’s pool of female athletes, with many picking up experience in other roles.

The Pathway was established to close the experience gap between male and female athletes, establish gender equality in the league and provide an example for aspiring female athletes.

Reflecting on the Pathway, Canada strategist Annie Haeger said: “Coming out of Olympic sailing, there weren’t a lot of options for me - these types of pathways are absolutely crucial for women and opens up options for girls.”

Meanwhile New Zealand strategist Liv Mackay said there’s ‘still room to grow’ the role. “There’s a lot of development in all the roles so it’s a really exciting time.”

Season 4 continues with the Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix presented by P&O Marinas on December 9-10.

Dubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Advert - GifDubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Advert - GifDubai Sail Grand Prix | Season 4 | Advert - Gif