With 10 boats on the start line for the first time, Chicago was packed with tight crosses and boat on boat situations. We round up the most dramatic moments from Season 4's opener on Lake Michigan.

10 boats on the start line

With Erik Heil's newcomer team Germany joining the start line, SailGP featured a bumper fleet of 10 flying F50s for the first time in Chicago. It was a busy start line as the increased fleet kicked off racing for the first time in Season 4.

Australia miss the start line

A miscalculation by driver Tom Slingsby saw Season 3 champions Australia arrive early to the start line of the second fleet race and have to bear away to avoid hitting the mark at the last moment. The team circled around to cross the start line at the back of the fleet but performed an incredible comeback to finish the race in 5th.

Close cross between New Zealand and France

A close moment unfolded in the second fleet race between the Kiwis and the French. The Kiwis were first to jibe after Mark One and leading to Gate 2 when the French came in hot to grab an overlap. The Kiwis cut up France and were swiftly handed a penalty for not giving room to the team at the mark.

Germany leap out of the water

Despite impressing with their racing debut, the Germans had a few hairy moments as they tested their mettle for the first time on Lake Michigan. One memorable moment saw the team fly too high out of the water and crash down on both foils.

USA aggressive maneuver

Despite being another difficult event for home favorites the United States, Jimmy Spithill's team had promising moments such as this aggressive maneuver in the third fleet race, which delight home town crowds.