The Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final in San Francisco was packed with tense moments, close crosses and even a collision. We round up the most dramatic moments from the final installment of Season 3.

France swerves to avoid Canada

The French had just recovered from having their starting strategy thwarted by Emirates GBR in the first fleet race of the event when driver Quentin Delapierre was forced to make a last minute turn away from approaching Canada.

The French F50 splashed down, fell off the foils and the French dropped back into the pack to finish the race in sixth overall.

Australia narrowly avoids Canada

Another incident involving Canada occurred in the second race of the day, this time with Tom Slingsby's Australia.

Canada, which was the keep-clear boat at the time, performed a late turn and narrowly avoided hitting the Aussies in second place.

The United States collides with Denmark

The second day of racing was full on, as teams battled to make their final mark on Season 3. One of the most dramatic moments came in the fourth fleet race, when Jimmy Spithill's American crew collided with Denmark on the start line.

Luckily, no-one was injured and the Danes even managed to battle back and claim third place overall.

Emirates GBR crosses close to Australia

The fourth fleet race was packed with drama and also saw a close cross between fleet leaders Emirates GBR and Australia.

The two F50s came within meters of each other as they battled to lead the race. Ultimately though Quentin Delapierre's France would claim the race victory, while Australia took second place and Emirates GBR slid down to fourth.

France pushes ahead of Australia

In the same race, Quentin Delapierre's France battled back from a disappointing first day on the water to win the fourth fleet race.

But Delapierre had to take some risks to net the win, including this heart-in-mouth close cross with Tom Slingsby's Australia.

Emirates GBR tries to dive inside at the mark

As the final fleet race of the event got underway, Emirates GBR put it all on the line in an effort to make it into the Grand Final.

This dramatic moment occurred when Ben Ainslie's crew attempted to dive inside Spain at the mark, but aborted the maneuver at the last moment and diverted to the other side of the course.

Emirates GBR crosses close behind New Zealand in the Grand Final

Another close cross took place in the three-boat Grand Final showdown itself. Emirates GBR, which was sitting in third place with the right of way, crossed close behind the Kiwis.

The move didn't improve the team's chances however, which stayed in third place for the rest of the race.