With just over a week until the Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final | San Francisco, we shine a spotlight on the key teams contending for the Impact League crown.

Since the start of the season, Phil Robertson’s Canada has picked up three podium positions, including two first place finishes in Cadiz and Dubai.

This puts the team in third overall heading into the Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final with a total of 1386 points, behind Denmark with 1414 and defending champions New Zealand with 1416.

Speaking about the team’s Season 3 Impact League journey, flight controller Billy Gooderham said: “It’s been eyeopening for us to see how much we really can do, as well as what more we need to do.”

He pointed to the team’s weCANfoil program, which aims to ‘get the next generation of kids out there sailing and foiling’ as a source of pride for the team.

Season 3 // New Zealand Sail Grand Prix // Canada celebrate win in Christchurch on F50

Strategist Isabella Bertold added that her bike ride from the France Sail Grand Prix in Saint-Tropez to the Spain Sail Grand Prix in Cadiz was a ‘personal highlight’ of the season.

“It’s really opened new doors and avenues and is leaving a bigger legacy - so it’s been really neat to see that ongoing momentum from it.”

The winner of the Impact League will be announced at SailGP’s Champions For Change event ahead of the Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final | San Francisco.