Over 300 endangered seahorses have been released back into the wild as part of SailGP’s local impact project in Sydney.

The league joined together with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) to support its conversation work with the White’s seahorse in Sydney Harbour during the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix.

The research project breeds the seahorses in captivity before releasing them into natural habitats once they have reached a suitable size. And earlier this month, over 300 seahorses were released into the waters of Chowder Bay in Sydney.

Australia grinder Sam Newton, who attended the release, said: “The divers are putting the seahorses into some ‘seahorse hotels’ - their new habitat where hopefully they can stay for a long time to come in beautiful Chowder Bay.”

Season 4 // Seahorses released in Sydney as part of Local Impact Project

The release was initially delayed after a few seahorses caught a common winter cold and extra time was needed to allow them to recover.

SailGP’s purpose and impact project manager Rosie Gosling said: “We are excited to be supporting SIMS in Sydney with their groundbreaking work to restore White's Seahorse populations in the harbor.

Season 4 // Australia grinder Sam Newton sits in team tent ahead of racing

“As a purpose driven league, we strive to work with organizations to enhance biodiversity and natural habitats in in the communities where we operate, and we are looking forward to seeing the results of this project.”

This impact project in Sydney is part of SailGP’s year-round purpose-led calendar of sustainable initiatives in which the league collaborates with each venue on the Season 3 tour.